Here’s what we do, chapter by chapter

Interested in knowing how to record an audiobook with us? The Verity partnering process means we take your book as seriously as you do. We are invested in your success, and we’re with you every step of the way to ensure your audiobook makes a splash. Here’s the process of making an audiobook with us, chapter by chapter:

Chapter 1 – Send Your Book

The first step is to send us your book! We’ll get you a custom quote within a day or two in most cases, and when you approve the quote, things really start to get exciting.

Chapter 2 – Cast a Narrator

Let’s cast your audiobook! This step is just plain fun. If you want to narrate the book yourself, we’ll hire you. If you’d rather select a professional narrator, we’ll review your book and suggest someone on our team who matches your style. You will receive audio samples of their work so you can make an informed decision.

Chapter 3 – Schedule Recording Studio Time

Our studio manager will be in touch with you or your chosen narrator to book recording time in one of our studios. Once the availability of both the narrator and the studio are confirmed, we will share an estimated delivery date for your audiobook.

Chapter 4 – Prepare For Audiobook Production

Once all of that blah, blah, blah administrative stuff is behind us, production kicks into full gear. This step is customized to each manuscript but may include involving a researcher to get proper pronunciations, preparing the manuscript for narration, doing character development, and touching base with you with questions and process updates.

Chapter 5 – Let The Audiobook Recording Begin

This is where the magic begins: on what is almost guaranteed to be a beautiful sunny day in San Diego, California, a team of Verity professionals will arrive at our studios and dedicate ourselves to the full and complete recording of your book. We take it slow, we make sure to get it right. Everyone on the team loves this step, and we think you will, too. It’s where your dream becomes reality.

Chapter 6 – Edit the Audiobook Recordings

Once your book is recorded, the file goes right to one of our experienced audiobook editors for editing. This is where they make the talent who did an amazing job sound even better.

Chapter 7 – Have The Audiobook Mastered and Proofed by Experts

Then we’re on to mastering and proofing. One of our experienced audiobook proofers will listen to every minute of the book and make a (hopefully short) list of possible issues including mispronunciations, repeated sentences, little noises, etc. Anything that needs perfecting gets a thorough re-do in our studios. This attention to detail conveys our obsession with pristine audio and our commitment to a product we can all be proud of.

Chapter 8 – Listen and Enjoy Your Retail Ready Audiobook

At long last, you’re up to give your audiobook a final listen. If you find anything that needs to be resolved, we’ll fix that as well. And, then, voila, you’ll have your own fully vetted and approved audiobook for sale. Congratulations!

How does that sound?