Take your audiobook up a notch

You’ve spent months or years getting your masterpiece just right. At Verity Audio, we know that a good book takes time—to write, to edit, and now to record. You don’t want to trust that process to just anybody.

We leverage our 19 years of audiobook experience to help you produce an audiobook you’re proud of and that your readers will want to hear again and again.

How do we do it? Our bespoke partnering approach means we’re with you every step of the way to ensure the highest quality product. You bring the book, and we bring the industry’s best talent, technology, and facilities to get you from here to a retail-ready audiobook.

Our boutique studios and production facilities are located in San Diego, California, where, since the beginning, we’ve been proud to serve New York Times bestselling authors, self-published authors, multinational publishers, and niche presses alike. The work of our audiobook production company has won multiple Audies, Earphone, and Sova awards.

We specialize in projects of any size, as long as we both share the priorities of quality, resonance, and fun in the process.