Did you know that Verity does podcasts?

There are a number of options to work with Verity
to create a quality podcast!

OPTION 1: Come to Verity

Our booth accommodates up to 3 people. We will record, edit and mix your podcast all for one price.

OPTION 2: Verity Comes To You

We’ll record your podcast at your location.

We come to your location and bring all the gear to record a professional sounding podcast. Includes up to 3 participants. All you need to do is show up and bring your A-game.

What's included:

Level 1

Studio Rental: $100/hr
  • Professional Engineer
  • Pro gear and mics for up to 2 participants (email us for a gear list)
  • Raw files exported in your preferred format

Level 2

$300 per 30-minute episode
Includes everything in Level 1, plus:
  • Record and produce your intro/outro
  • Mix in your intro/outro and ads
  • Edit out any errors and retakes
  • Clean up recording
  • Mastering
  • Export to appropriate formats for distribution
  • Support setting up feeds
  • Locate music and add bumpers to episode (client is responsible for licensing music)